Our approach to market is based on our ability to help our customers fulfill their office requirements while managing the total cost of their office products program. Aggressive pricing is a key component of our program, but it is just the beginning of what we do to lower your overall procurement costs.

Through our membership in Independent Stationers Inc. one of the country's largest dealer cooperatives, Way Office Plus is able to achieve cost-of-goods parity with any supplier in the industry and, therefore, is able to offer product pricing that is equal to or better than any competitive offering.

Way Office is one of over 600 members of Independent Stationers. The combined sales volume that we in IS represent is over $2 billion. By using the cooperative buying model and leveraging our collective buying power, we are able to procure the best quality products at the lowest prices without giving up local decision-making and the flexibility traditionally found in family-owned businesses.

We are also dedicated to helping our customers reduce their administrative, or processing costs, associated with acquiring, storing, distributing and accounting for office products. While not as easily evaluated as price, these costs may constitute up to 50% of the total expense of an office products program, and can offer significant savings if managed properly.

Our level of service gives our customers a secret weapon against their competitors: extra operating efficiency. If we take care of credits to your account twice as quickly as other suppliers, your cash flows more freely. If we can add items to our warehouse that you cannot find anywhere else, and a three week lead time for a product you need becomes a one-day lead time, your business can be more productive.