WHY BUY FROM Way Office Plus?

  1. Independent and well supported, resulting in phenomenal service with aggressive pricing. We are privately held and are members of Independent Stationers, a 600 member purchasing cooperative with a combined $2.2 billion purchasing power. When we buy low we sell low.

  2. Reliable & Predictable. Dependable damage free delivery by our own team, the lowest minimum for free delivery in the industry, no shorts, & no hassle. We dislike backorders as much as you do so we keep our daily fill rates over 98%.

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  4. Easy ordering from our local warehouse in DuBois by Internet, phone, fax, E-Mail, or service rep: It's easy, with plenty of tools & options. It's your choice, because you're the customer.

  5. Partner with a creative and responsive Way Office account manager just brimming with ideas. Our entire focus is to optimize your efficiency while reducing costs. Simply put we know how to help reduce your total overhead costs for office supply procurement.

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  7. We make the billing side easy. Invoices and packing slips with all the information you need that are actually easy to understand. Our accounting department operates in the real world and is steeped in our customer service tradition. If your firm has special accounting needs we have special solutions tailored just for you.

  8. We create a truly customized program that addresses your firm's needs precisely. Choose us, no transition issues. We set up your account immediately and provide you with our standard efficiency tools to get you going today. Fine-tuning is part of the ongoing program.

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  10. Performance, not policy. We work right here where you work and clearly understand your business environment and your culture. You have local solutions created by local people.

  11. We are a refreshing alternative to the International Conglomerates, and the Big Box stores. With Way Office Plus, you get a different kind of supplier with a different kind of philosophy and very different results.

  12. Knowledge is power, so we provide usage and accounting reports in numerous formats to fit your analysis schedules. We help you understand your supplies issues in ways you have previously only dreamed of. As we gain knowledge through creative reporting we are able to offer even more targeted solutions.

Space Planning and Office Design:

Changing the office, expanding, or moving, Let us help!
We will visit your space, measure the rooms, talk to your employees, and come up with a design that makes sense for your business, your employees and your budget. We assess your needs for ergonomics, desktop space and storage. We consider your aesthetic sensibility, and we use principles of form follows function, to insure that your office is attractive, comfortable and productive.